12 dreamy headboards you can make

If you have a faded bedroom, or maybe just an old headboard, you’ll love these headboards you can make this weekend! I’ve rounded up some of our favorite headboards to share with you. Make one for your own bedroom, or add one to a guest room in your home. Wherever you put it, you’ll be so glad you tried one of these projects.

Recycled cupboard doors

If you’ve remodeled a kitchen or found a set of old kitchen cabinet doors at Habitat for Humanity Restore, you can Make it a beautiful headboard! Not only is this a great upcycling project, but you can also make a beautiful headboard with it.

Large tufted headboard

dreamy headboards
This beautiful headboard extends beyond the bed and forms the entire bedroom. Check the DIY tufting headboard tutorial You can make it yourself.

Rustic headboard wall

dreamy headboards
This accent wall looks great behind your headboard. It’s inspired by a trip to the beach and the results are as beautiful as the ocean itself. Learn how to make it budget-friendly Painted sign here.
Rustic double headboard with chevron motif
dreamy headboards
This project started with wood salvaged from a family barn. It turns into a beautiful rustic headboard. You’ll love the recyclable chevron design! This headboard would look very nice on a double bed. Get the instructions to make your own Rustic chevron headboard here.

Cutting the headboard from wood

dreamy headboards
You can buy a headboard, but after looking at this DIY headboard with colorful accents, you’ll want to make one yourself. The results are great and you can customize the final project to your own color scheme. Get the instructions to make your own Cutting the headboard from wood here.

Simple headboard made from reclaimed wood

dreamy headboards
Although this project looks simple, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is stunning. Make this headboard from scrap wood and give your bedroom a romantic, rustic look. Find out how to complete this Headboard project here.

The headboard is made of weathered reclaimed wood

Don’t throw away that old wood! Use it to create a beautiful curved wood headboard that will look stunning in your space! Learn how to make it Curved wooden headboard here.

The cover covers the headboard

This seamless headboard cover is the perfect way to update the look of a bedroom without spending a lot of money or hours on a construction project. You don’t even have to sew this to give your bedroom a new look. Learn how to make it Cover for headboard here.

DIY headboard bead

If you have a nice bead board left over from a previous project, you might want to make this inexpensive and beautiful headboard. This is an easy way to make your bedroom look great without spending a lot of money. Find out what this is like Headboard Made for less than $5 here.

Old headboard with shutters

Image source: Classy Clutter for Remodelaholic.
If you’re installing new shutters in your home, save one of your old ones and make this adorable, easy-to-recycle headboard. You can paint it in any color you want, so you can make it completely your own. Learn how to make it yourself Main board with shutter here.

The headboard is made of corrugated iron

Something unexpected, try one The headboard is made of corrugated iron.

High headboard

If you’re looking for an inexpensive headboard idea, you’ll love this long slat headboard. It has a farmhouse theme that will make your room look dramatically different despite how easy and simple this project is to complete. Learn how to make it Headboard with long slats here.

Tufted upholstered headboard

Create this tufted headboard using an old headboard and your favorite upholstery fabric for a unique look you’ll be sure to admire every night when you go to bed! Learn how to make your own Tufted headboard here.

Old door headboard

Transform an old door into a beautiful, unique headboard with this fairly simple project. This is great and much more fun than the big box store option. Learn how to make your own Old door headboard here.

High tufted headboard

You will be amazed by the look of this high headboard. It’s sexy, elegant and easy to make. You may want to make a few of these so that every bedroom in your home has a new headboard. Learn how to make this High tufted headboard here.

You might also like this DIY nightstand

If you don’t need one of these headboards you can make this weekend, try a nightstand instead. If you’re interested in building something for your home but have no experience, these side tables are the place to start. Learn how to build your own Bedroom furniture here.

Lessons about artificial fireplaces

Get the cozy look of a fireplace without the risks or maintenance of this project. You’ll love the way this project turned out and how easy it is to recreate. Learn how to build False fireplace here.

Waterfall bench

This bench starts out as a 2×6 and eventually becomes the perfect spot for seating and storage. Add this waterfall bench to your entryway, utility room, or anywhere your family can use functionality and style. Find trends to create your own trends Waterfall bench here.

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