5 Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces Anyone Can Make

Rustic farmhouse centerpieces are always fun to place together at a dining desk, espresso desk or buffet. I want centerpieces that have some personalities, but are easy to select and transfer when needed.

Right now we’re going to learn to build rustic farmhouse centerpieces one piece at a time! In the long run, it will give you five easy-to-make centerpieces!

What is the type of rustic farmhouse?

Before we create our centerpieces, what is rustic farmhouse fashion?

Rustic farmhouse fashion decor is a mix of rustic decor and farmhouse fashion design. In my YouTube collection you can learn all about these different decor types and discover how to sketch and implement your design fashion!

Rustic fashion draws closely from things like hand-hewn beams, reclaimed wood, pure fibers and distressed finishes. There are also often reused parts, such as feeding troughs that become decor.

Farmhouse fashion is cozy, neatly worn, well-worn and made in lighter, neutral colors. It also includes an appreciation for classic or vintage objects.

As you combine the two types, you get a look that is hardly more refined than the rustic fashion on its own.

Build rustic farmhouse centerpieces from the desk

With that definition in mind, let’s build some rustic farmhouse centerpieces!

Each step is essentially a “layer” for your centerpiece. Depending on how elaborate you want your center pieces to be, you can choose to stop or continue building after each layer.

In the long run, your center can be full, just like mine! Please note, however, that you may include any or all personal items you wish. Mixing and matching is the fun part of creating your personal desk as a focal point.

1. Base Layer of Rustic Farmhouse Centerpieces

Start with a base layer first.

This will seem like a lot of alternative methods. Some simple base coats you might already have on the market could be:

  • Runner
  • Office supplies
  • Shawl
  • Breadboard
  • Placemats
  • Garland or wreath
  • Mirrors

Basically, you are looking for a flat floor that you should use as the defining boundary in your centerpiece. Maybe I’ll use a breadboard.

  • Clean desk
  • Add a base coat

If you want some examples of different base layers, check out the completely different centerpieces I’ve made using this identical technique over the years!

  1. Mirror and wreath: Christmas centerpiece or Thanksgiving centerpiece
  2. Scarf and Runner: Make a candlestick centerpiece
  3. Garland: Cozy Christmas tablescape
  4. Runners or placemats: Make sure you get regular eating expertise

2. Group like gadgets

Then collect 3 similar objects to group together into a set. That’s where it gets personalized to whatever decor you like or already have available. Some examples of decorations that fit country farmhouse fashion include (but are not limited to):

  • Ironstone
  • Classic bottles
  • Demijohns
  • Pottery
  • Jugs
  • Crocks
  • Books
  • Wooden carvings

For my centerpiece I’m using my small range of classic demijohns.

  • Group related gadgets
  • Add top variety

The most important thing in this step is to add top and dimension variation. As you may notice, I had to raise one of the many bottles to create three completely different heights. This helps draw attention to the meeting without it becoming boring.

3. You can’t go wrong with flowers

Then I really enjoy adding flowers or greenery. It will look very different for everyone as there is such a wide selection to choose from!

For this addition, I pulled sunflowers from my backyard.

Nevertheless, you can select your favorite modern flowers, fake flowers or easy green stems.

I believe this step is necessary to bring some life to the center. As an alternative to the above concepts, you can also simply add your favorite houseplant to the centerpiece!

I have numerous suggestions, tips and helpful recommendations on houseplant care in this appendix.

4. Add seasonal accents

The final step to building rustic farmhouse centerpieces depends on the season.

For this centerpiece I am using fall decor. Nevertheless, in this step you can easily swap out any seasonal decor and combine it with the non-seasonal items.

For an easy fall accent, I added a ceramic pumpkin to my centerpiece.

And that’s it! As you break each step down into manageable sections, you can easily see how a centerpiece is created.

Rustic farmhouse buffet decor

Below you will find a few more visible examples of jointly erecting tabletop decor in a rustic farmhouse style on my buffet.

  • Potter items add rustic components.
  • Artwork and baskets lean toward farmhouse fashion.

My buffet is a good place to decorate with rustic farmhouse decor. I want to create some smaller groups in the buffet and shelf, using the same design guidelines we just talked about.

  • Group as objects
  • Vary in height and size
  • Add greenery or flowers

Additional rustic farmhouse centerpiece concepts

After all, you can always easily create your centerpiece with just a vase of flowers!

That’s what I like about this technique. You build from the bottom up and you can stop at any level.

If you’re looking for different concepts, here’s a quick rundown of accessible objects that can be what I like to call “plop and go centerpieces.”

Stay related

I hope this post has been helpful in presenting you with concepts on how to build your personal rustic farmhouse centerpieces! Thank you very much for stopping by the weblog immediately.

You may also be able to see visually on YouTube how this area got here!

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