Elegant and simple Christmas dining room decoration ideas

Transform your dining room into a festive wonderland with these simple Christmas dining room decoration ideas. Discover easy ways to add holiday charm and create a cozy atmosphere for your family and guests this season.

Do you decorate every room in your house for Christmas? Or are you dealing with the principle residential areas? I tend to stick to the principles of open idea areas and right now I’m sharing my Christmas dining room with you!

Design an elegant and simple Christmas dining room decoration with these simple suggestions! Plus, learn how to make Christmas desk decorations with this simple layering method.

Methods to obtain an simple Christmas dining room decoration ideas

First of all, one of the best suggestions for creating a chic atmosphere is to use metallic colors in your Christmas decorations.

  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Silver
  • Buyer
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Tin

The use of metallic colors instantly creates an elevated and chic look as the metals look expensive, excessive finish and high quality.

In addition, metallic colors reflect softly.

When using metallic colors, design your space so that it is closed off from numerous sources of sunlight.

  • Lamps
  • Candles
  • Sconces
  • Lanterns
  • Battery powered string lights

By doing this, your strategic placement of lighting and metal objects will create a comfortable and peaceful glow that is easily mirrored.

Likewise, items with glitter will reflect the sunshine around them to create that elegant glow that we all enjoy.

In my Christmas dining room this year I used mainly gold and silver with some white and glitter accents. In addition, I have integrated some tin, which goes well with any gold and silver.

simple Christmas dining room decoration ideas

Methods to Decorate a simple Christmas dining room decoration ideas

Now let’s look at the decoration of the Christmas dining room!

In my dining room this year, I was excited to spruce up my new built-ins for Christmas.

If you missed that venture, you can skip to this text to see how I created custom shelves in a current doorway.

I needed to close off an entrance from the dining room to the master bedroom, and this was the right solution to do this and add a decorating area to my dining room!

I’ve added some classic winter paintings and some collectible reindeer figures and love the delicate Christmas touches it brings to the area.

Then I displayed just a few battery-operated parts to give the entire room a comfortable glow.

Battery powered Christmas wood, globe lights and a lantern all on my sideboard create a magical space with quite simple Christmas decor. Additionally, I added a beautiful gold reindeer that accents the smaller model in my tablescape.

Dinner desk decorations for Christmas

The perimeter of the room is decorated very simply, so that the Christmas dinner desk decorations can steal the gift!

I used mostly gold Christmas desk decor with white and pewter accents. I really like how elegant the many metals look together.

Simple layering ideas for creating an elegant tablescape

Next, I’ll share my simple layering suggestions for creating a chic tablescape in the dining room.

Typically, people shy away from creating tablescapes because they give the impression of being sophisticated and overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is a fairly simple course!

Use this step-by-step layering approach to achieve an analogous look using similar objects.

  1. Place a single streamer in the center, approximately the size of the desk.
  2. Symmetrically add false flower stems on both sides.
  3. Place an announcement centerpiece in the center.
  4. Place candles on both sides of the center piece (the identical number on each side).
  5. Place an unusual garland in the center of the desk for some spice (for example: snowflake garland).
  6. Place picks in a contrasting color strategically over the centerpiece and candles.
  7. Option: Add an accent like my reindeer to the center piece.
  8. Add desk settings.

If you’re an extra visible learner, you can see how this tablescape comes together on this YouTube video. Make sure that subscribe to my channel for weekly movies as well. I hope you enjoy it!

This Christmas table took less than fifteen minutes to complete as it uses larger items such as garlands and bushes. Using these types of objects makes it easier to clarify than using many individual stems. The larger parts mainly inform you about the placement, because they cover the size of the desk.

If I’m using an extended garland as the bottom layer, I want to spread each stem of the center garland as far as possible so that it covers extra floor. I then apply layers in the different areas near the center to close any gaps.

I bought all the stuff I used to decorate my Christmas dining room desk from At Residence. Below you will find shoppable hyperlinks to various objects!

Additional purchasing hyperlinks below.

Christmas desk place settings

I don’t learn anything about you, but if I organize a holiday via the Internet, I’m already buried in the dishes. So I like to use it disposable plates with good linen napkins to chop on the dinner plates.

To keep the look elegant, I sprinkle in excess finishing touches these disposable tableware.

  • Linen napkins are easy to throw in the wash.
  • Fancy cups replace conventional dinner cups.
  • Metallic placemats are the muse for a chic look.
  • Disposable plates, bowls and small plates with simple details, such as a fluted edge, make it look like they are real!

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I hope this example of how to decorate a Christmas dining room has been useful to you!

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